Topics of the ILCC 2012

1. Liquid crystal phases, structures and ordering
2. Theory, simulations and modeling
3. Pattern formation and dynamics
4. Symmetry, chiralty and polarity
5. Molecular design, synthesis and new materials
6. Discotic liquid crystals
7. Bent core liquid crystals
8. Liquid crystalline polymers and elastomers
9. Colloidal and lyotropic liquid crystals
10. Liquid crystalline ordering in biological systems
11. Surfaces and confined systems
12. Liquid crystal nanocomposites
13. Liquid crystals in electrooptics and display applications
14. Liquid crystals in opto-electronics and photonics
15. Liquid crystals and mesophases in other fields
16. Liquid crystals in education

Special Symposia
17. Shape-memory elastomers
18. Self-organization in opto-electronic materials (IRTG 1404, Seoul/Mainz)
19. Liquid crystal aspects of active media
20. Liquid crystal aspects of bio-polymers and bio-membranes