3 most expensive crystals in the world

Crystals represent beauty and wealth. They are very rare and that’s why known as a prized possession. Natural crystals take millions of years to form and people have found only a fraction of it that’s available in nature. These are then mined and cut before selling as a gemstone. Here are the most expensive crystals in the world.

The Pink Star Diamond

Mining Africa

This rare crystal costs $1,395,761 per carat. It was first mined in South Africa back in 1999. It was sold for a record-breaking price of $82 million. It is the most expensive crystal in the world.


Gemstone Meanings And Benefits

It is a brownish stone that was found in Burma by mineralogist Arther C.D. Paine in the 1950s. The crystal is named after him and costs about $55,000 per carat on average. It is known as a priceless crystal as only a few crystals have been found so far.


Yokdee Jadeite

This crystal has a deep and translucent green color. It has been found in Myanmar. It costs $20,000 per carat. In 1997, a necklace made of this crystal was sold for $10 million. The stone consists of Aluminum, Iron, Sodium, Oxygen, and Silicon.

These crystals and very rare to find and that’s why they are so expensive. These are the most prized possessions a person can have. The stones are beautiful and extremely valuable. You can get jewelry made of these stones; however, it might cost a fortune.