Crystals are beautiful, expensive and rare. Natural crystals are very hard to find and people consider it as a valuable possession.

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Crystals are beautiful

The different colored crystals look absolutely beautiful. They are used in jewelry and people adore them all the time.

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Crystals are valuable

They are very expensive. It takes years to form natural crystals and people can only find a fraction of it. When they are mined and cut, they become extremely valuable.

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Crystals have healing powers

Many people believe that crystals have healing powers. Crystals are believed to bring in prosperity to life.

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4 crystals that can bring prosperity to life

We all want prosperity in life. That’s why we work hard to earn money, save up money for our retirement and try to keep ourselves healthy. However, not many people know that certain crystals can help to bring prosperity to life. These crystals remove the blockages that are coming in our ways. Here are the crystals that you can possess for bringing prosperity to your life.

Citrine Stone

Gems N Gems

This crystal helps to achieve your goals faster. The stone is yellow in color. It is especially good for the business owners as it may bring a lot of wealth for them. The traders or merchants often keep this stone in their cash box so that their revenue increases.

Green Jade Stone


This stone is considered to be a lucky stone as it can bring prosperity and harmony in life. You can increase your prosperity by combining this crystal with other green crystals.

Green Aventurine

Energy Muse

It is often known as the ‘Stone of Opportunity’. It is derived from the quartz family. It can boost the chance of being successful in business or achieving things that you want. If you possess this crystal, you may see money flowing from unexpected sources.


Energy Muse

The stone has different shades of green. It helps to improve business. You can carry it with you before an interview or making a business deal. It will also protect you from dishonest people.

It is all about what you believe in. If you believe that these stones can really bring prosperity to your life then you should have these with you all the time.

3 most expensive crystals in the world

Crystals represent beauty and wealth. They are very rare and that’s why known as a prized possession. Natural crystals take millions of years to form and people have found only a fraction of it that’s available in nature. These are then mined and cut before selling as a gemstone. Here are the most expensive crystals in the world.

The Pink Star Diamond

Mining Africa

This rare crystal costs $1,395,761 per carat. It was first mined in South Africa back in 1999. It was sold for a record-breaking price of $82 million. It is the most expensive crystal in the world.


Gemstone Meanings And Benefits

It is a brownish stone that was found in Burma by mineralogist Arther C.D. Paine in the 1950s. The crystal is named after him and costs about $55,000 per carat on average. It is known as a priceless crystal as only a few crystals have been found so far.


Yokdee Jadeite

This crystal has a deep and translucent green color. It has been found in Myanmar. It costs $20,000 per carat. In 1997, a necklace made of this crystal was sold for $10 million. The stone consists of Aluminum, Iron, Sodium, Oxygen, and Silicon.

These crystals and very rare to find and that’s why they are so expensive. These are the most prized possessions a person can have. The stones are beautiful and extremely valuable. You can get jewelry made of these stones; however, it might cost a fortune.

How to test if a crystal is real or fake?

You will find the market flooded with fake crystals. The fake ones look as good as the genuine ones and that’s why it makes it so difficult to spot the real crystal. Here are some of the ways you can test whether a crystal is real or fake.

Understand the various kinds of crystals

Natural crystals are those that are found in nature. They form over a long time and are found deep in the earth. These crystals take a long time to form and they are not intervened by anything. Synthetic crystals are those that are made in labs. They have the same physical and chemical properties like the natural crystals. They even look same, except that they are made within a very short time. The synthetic crystals cost a lot less than the natural crystals.

Fake crystals have a different chemical composition than a natural crystal. They can be ceramic, plastic or even glass. They are often painted.

Look at their appearance

One way to differentiate between a natural crystal and a synthetic crystal is that you will find flaws in the natural crystal. They won’t have pure color all the way. If you see that the color is unnatural then there is a chance that the crystal is fake. If you look at the base or tip of the crystal, you may notice some paint. That tells that the crystal is fake. If you see bubbles inside the crystal then the crystal is not real, it’s glass. If the crystal looks perfect, then it is probably fake.


It’s a test that can tell you whether the crystal is a quartz or a glass. When you place the crystal on top of books, the words will become magnified if it’s glass. If it’s real quartz, then the words will appear same.

UV light test

You can use a black light to test turquoise. If the turquoise is fake, it will fluoresce. Same is true for heat-treated sapphires and rubies. Real crystals won’t show these signs.

Crystals are very precious. Before buying these you should check whether the crystal is genuine and fake. You can use the various tests just explained in order to test the crystal.